3 Reasons AviClear Is The Best Acne Treatment

3 Reasons AviClear Is The Best Acne Treatment

Tired of topical products and antibiotics that don’t provide the acne-reducing results you want? Looking for something a little less harsh than Accutane to clear your skin?

If so, consider AviClear, a cutting-edge laser acne treatment that is quickly becoming the preferred way that dermatology specialists treat this condition.

Keep reading to learn why AviClear is the best acne treatment for anyone suffering from mild or severe acne.

What Is AviClear?

AviClear is a laser treatment that is effective in reducing acne breakouts. The device is FDA approved, and it works by targeting the cause of acne: excess oil production in the sebaceous glands.

Here Are Just Three of the Top Reasons AviClear Is the Best Acne Treatment

A great option for teens and adults experiencing acne, here’s why this modern laser treatment is worth considering to help you finally achieve clear skin.

  1. AviClear only requires three sessions. Most acne treatments require you to take a pill or apply a topical product to your skin daily. However, AviClear treatment only requires three sessions spaced out every three to four weeks. After your initial treatment, you’ll see an improvement in your skin, including less breakouts.
  1. There’s no downtime necessary. AviClear treatment doesn’t hurt, and there is no recovery period. During treatment, you may feel a snapping sensation on your skin. However, the AviClear device has built-in cooling technology to minimize redness and swelling and maximize your comfort. This means you can immediately get back to your normal routine.
  1. It offers long-lasting results. After finishing your three monthly AviClear sessions, you’ll notice amazing changes in your skin. Results aren’t permanent, but it can last up to a few years. You are likely to enjoy improvement for at least nine months before needing any follow-up sessions.

Feel Amazing in Your Skin With AviClear Treatment from Skin & Style

Now that you know why AviClear is the best acne treatment, it’s time to find out if you’re a good candidate. Schedule a consultation at Skin & Style to discuss your skin needs and to begin your skincare journey.

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