Ear Piercing Aftercare


Post Piercing Expectations

Initially: some minor swelling, redness, tenderness, and occasionally light bleeding

Healing Phase: minor itching, secretion of a white-yellowish fluid that will crust overnight and during the day. This will typically only occur within the first 1-2 weeks. Maintaining proper aftercare cleaning routines and hygiene will help prevent this from occurring beyond the initial healing phase. 

After a few weeks the piercing will appear to be completely healed. The inner tissue is still healing and the earrings should not be removed or changed out prior to the 8 week mark. Should one be removed or fall out you may find it very difficult and painful to put back in. If this occurs, please call our office for instructions and assistance. 

Signs of Infection: prolonged redness, swelling, pain beyond the initial first few days, prolonged secretions that are thick, goopy, and may even have an odor. If this occurs please give us a call so we can help you determine if your piercing site needs medical intervention. 

Please note that cartilage piercings typically have tenderness for several weeks due to the thickness of the tissue that was pierced. Tenderness alone is not a concern for infection of this specific area. 

During the healing phase, snagging your piercing on clothing, or hitting it during rough play will likely agitate the piercing site. In some cases, you may experience light bleeding immediately after and tenderness for several days. Piercings are fresh wounds and should be handled with care to promote a healthy comfortable healing process. 

Aftercare Instructions

  • Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap before touching your piercing
  • Clean the area with sterile saline solution only. A spray bottle of solution works best but you may also use a sterile gauze pad soaked with saline solution
  • To clear off dried blood or crust, use a sterile gauze pad soaked with saline solution, and lightly dab and work around the piercing to soften and lift the blood/crust from the piercing site. Avoid picking at it!