Piercing Aftercare

    • For 8 weeks after piercing, the earrings must stay in place in the ears.
    • During those 8 weeks, clean piercings 1-2x daily. To do so, rotate the earring a full 180 degrees and polish/clean the front and the back of the earlobe. Recommended cleaning solution is alcohol or saline solution.
    • Keep earrings in the ear(s) for at least six months to one year.
    • If you replace the earrings after the initial 8 weeks, use a high quality metal (24k gold/plated, 10-14k gold/plated, or sterling silver. Avoid nickel or artificial jewelry.
    • Call your PCP if signs of infection develop. Signs include swelling, discharge, crusting (yellow or white), redness, and increased pain.
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