Professional Piercings

Designed for the optimal piercing experience for infants, children and teens. However, we accept clients of all ages! Get pierced in a safe, welcoming, environment that is pediatrician approved.

Piercing Services

Lower Ear Lobe

Ear Cartilage

Nose (Coming Soon)

Please be advised that at this time we cannot accommodate same day appointments. Please be sure to schedule your appointment 2 business days in advance.

Piercing Comfort:

At the time of scheduling you may opt to have a prescription for numbing cream sent to your preferred pharmacy. Your pharmacy deductible/copay will apply. When applying this cream please place it on the lower ear lobes (or the area of the ear to be pierced) about 45 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Piercings and Sports

If your child plays sports, we recommend waiting to get any new piercing until they have 6-8 consecutive weeks off from that sport, as most leagues do not allow players to keep in any piercing while practicing or playing in a game.

Lower Lobe Piercing Age:

Children must be 2 months of age or older and need to be up to date on their Hepatitis B and Tetanus vaccines. Please note, children between the ages of 2 months – 9 months and those older than 4 years of age tolerate ear piercing procedures the best. At the piercers discretion if your child is non-compliant or verbally expresses they do not want this procedure, you will be asked to come back another time when they are ready. We want this to be a pleasant and exciting experience for your child therefore their participation and willingness is necessary and keeps everyone safe.

What you need to know about numbing cream:

Numbing cream will lessen the discomfort of the piercing process but it will not eliminate all discomfort during or immediately after the piercing. Infant children will still cry as they aren’t aware of what is happening, and are having their movement restricted all while they are experiencing a surprising sensation of discomfort. If selected with your order, the prescription will be called into your preferred pharmacy at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Please note, the numbing cream should be applied 45 minutes prior to your appointment time for optimal results. We cannot delay your appointment if you apply the cream less than 45 minutes prior. Instructions will also be on your prescription tube.

Packages & Pricing

Basic Package

Our Basic Package includes

Level 1- Basic Package $75

Level 2- Basic Package with Numbing Cream Prescription $85

Premium Package

All levels of the premium package include a numbing prescription sent to your pharmacy of choice, the piercing, and a complimentary after care kit. 

Level 1- $120

Level 2- $150

Level 3- $175

Frequently Asked Questions

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